Bad times are much like good times, it too shall pass.

If you don't believe me on this, think of some good times you had in your life. For example, the day of the month you receive the sweet SMS update of your salary credit, or a bonus disbursement, confirmation on a business deal or when your girlfriend said yes to a marriage proposal (hopefully with you). These are... Continue Reading →


Sometimes not knowing is a gift.

Sometimes not knowing is a gift.   For example, you take an IQ test. Case 1, you score 180. The society tags you as a genius. Expectations rise, chances are that your ego inflates too. The focus shifts from your abilities to solve problems to yourself. Case 2, you score 80. The society tags you... Continue Reading →

Poised For Growth!

If you see only darkness around, don't get scared.  You might be a seed under the soil, poised for growth. Keep up with the hard work that is NOT visible to the world until one day when you too shall bloom into sprouts of growth. Remember, you have to grow in spite of the environment not... Continue Reading →

Measure Of Success!

When I stay far from my 20-month-old daughter, I tend to think a lot about her. One such evening, I was wondering that when my daughter grows up, I assume she would ask me one day: "Dad, what's the measure of success? Is it good grades, money, fame, health or something else?" I thought for... Continue Reading →


Bite your teeth. Hold your fist tight. Stay there. Endure. The pain. The humiliation. The look of contempt. The disbelief. Don't loosen up. Hold. Your ground. Your faith. Your calm. your perseverance. Your belief. One day, it all would make sense! Photography attribution: Sapna Sapien

What’s Your Reward Preference: Smaller-Sooner Or Larger-Later?

Would you prefer a $100 bill today or $110 tomorrow? What about a $100 in 60 days or $110 in 61? Are these choices different? Which one would you prefer? We face a variety of such choices often in our career, investments, lifestyle or even relationships. The rewards may be different but the decision principle is... Continue Reading →

Reinvent Yourself!

You are a bundle of eternal and unlimited potential. We are defined by our worldview and the worldview of the people who were here before us. But let's not limit ourselves neither to what has been their experience nor to what has been our experience so far. Imagine your future-self. Think of how you want... Continue Reading →

Our Need For Connection!

Imagine you are in a mall that has not attracted enough footfall, where there are no humans around. Shops are well-lit, full of merchandise, spectacularly decorated but no humans. If you happened to have visited such a place, you know how you feel already. Ghostly. Eerie! Probably you would feel like leaving that place immediately.... Continue Reading →

The Joy Of Watching Your Child Play!

Isn't it amazing that we can leave behind a piece of our own making? Isn't it so lovely to watch your child bloom in front of your eyes? What more could be more satisfying than that when you hear those tender sounds of your child? I guess nothing in this world has anything parallel to... Continue Reading →

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