Memories are moments of truth that we have been through. Memories are moments of strong emotions such as  of fear, of love, of fondness, of pleasure, of pain, of humiliation, of appreciation, of disgust, of delight, of suffering, of being alive.

People become legend, events become history because of the significance of their memories.

Think of it this way, we carry a world of our own with us in our memory. My world can be different from your world just because our memories are different. Virtually anyone or anything we can think of exists in our world because of our memories about them.  Therefore something that exists in your world may not exist in mine. The reverse may also be true.

Let’s keep this in mind next time we assume something about another person and cast him or her in a particular way that is colored by our own experience, that exists in our own world. The poor fellow may not know that this interpretation even exists in my world. Let’s interact and negotiate with more compassion, fellow feeling and help each other to be on the same page, to communicate in the same alphabet to create a win-win situation and conclude with a positive emotion left on our minds. Thus a good memory.

After a days work, when our body rests our mind works with the moments we have been through and decides the nature of the memories: temporary or permanent and the emotion associated with it. These forms the basis of our imagination.

Imagination and memory are not the same. I guess the first is always based on the second. Can we imagine without our memories? Can we imagine something we have no clue about? Can we foresee the unknown unknown? Our projection of the unknown is almost always pegged to what happened to us before.

So, come let’s clean-up our memories to make a better home, a better office, a better neighborhood and a better world for ourselves and our kids to come.


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