Break free..

Most of us are trapped into a nine to six routine, falling prey to a vicious sense of perceived achievement. With this sham sense of achievement we hardly bother to see within, what we actually want out of life, what we are meant to be. After all, for a person with life expectancy of about 65 years, its about 3380 weekends, among which about 1000 are spent before we cross our teenage years with less control over how we spend it (parents decide what’s right for us), and if you are about 35-40 years then probably you are left with only 1300-1400 weekends in your account.

So, next time you stay late in office or slog over weekends with that “important task”, ask yourself. What you couldn’t finish in eight hours a day, another two would probably not make much difference. In a society we have created, weekends are earned. They are more precious than money. Instead, go meet a friend, take your family to the park, help your neighbor, burn that aroma candle you have been preserving for the right moment. That magic moment to cherish your life is now, here.

Frankly, after a certain degree of “growing up” we let go off our independent thinking. Our evolution gets canalized into believing in what others believe to be the motto of our being. The great irony is that the innate ability that demolishes the rebel within us to accept the usual, the mundane could have made us achieve what we were truly meant for. But we condition ourselves to use our strength to defy our destiny. Some of us do realize this fact midway, but by that time most of them are so conditioned by “reality” that there dreams seem to be what they are called, dreams. A few of them might rise above years of conditioning and make a mark until that becomes a trend and sinks into oblivion and boredom. For the rest of us it’s good old nine-to-six.


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  1. Stilig rune, og de bildene der gjorde seg jo så godt godt i sort hvitt, slelkkig flott, benkene like så. Som å bli satt mange år tilbake i tid jo :-))Ha en kjekk helg!!


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