It’s that chill down the spine. It’s that unnerving feeling inside the heart. It’s those moments when your mouth feels dry and your fist feels powerless. A moment when every other alternative except the chosen one seems worth consideration.

Fear has his colleagues; frustration and self-pity. When available resources look grossly inadequate to address the cause of the fear, frustration creeps in. Self-pity and excuses follow. “You know I tried, but only if I had more money, another investor, a better partner, I could ….”

But most of the times, fear is real. It follows you, surrounds you, engulfs you, if you allow it to. It is real especially if you are walking a path that doesn’t exist. If you are trying to give life to a canvas, if you are creating a product, if you are building a market. 

Next time fear visits you, don’t run away from it, acknowledge it. It’s okay to be scared. Say, “Mr. Fear, I know that you exist. I know you want me to be alert. I know you show me all the risks that I am exposed to. You point to all possible ways my plans can go down the drain. Thank you for all that. I consider you my alley, you alert me when I cross the road. You induce proactive reflex into my response mechanism. Because you exist, I survive. Thank you for all that.”


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