Being alone!


How would you rate your experience of being alone. Did you hate it, regret it, cherish it, savour it! How does it feel to be alone. Are loneliness and being alone equal and the same? How does the space between you and me influence our being?

Being alone is being with your own self. Not always desired but inevitable. I remember when I was growing up, I hated to be alone. I could not imagine to live in my own company only. I even never ever went for a movie alone.  

I guess seeking for fellow humans is an instinct. Seeking for familiarity is habit. Seeking for acceptance is peer pressure. 

But at times, acceptance can be defeating. 

Is singularity a form of loneliness? Are plurality and having company one and the same?

If loneliness creates a private space around our true self, what opens the access door to that space? How many people do you hear knocking on that door? Do you call them friends? Spouse? Lover? Or, is it really possible to allow anyone inside that space? After all, once you let anyone in, you are no more a loner, hence the proposition is self-defeating. 


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