The Default!


How often did you bother to change the settings of your TV, mobile, camera or any other gadget you might own? How much effort did you put in to customise the options to your preference? Does even your preference stay the same over time? If you are like most of the population, you probably tinkered a little bit here and there when you were under the euphoric “just-bought-my-dream-gadget” phase. It wouldn’t have taken long to finally settle for the default settings. The assumption is that when we don’t know what’s good for us, we tend to take what others (experts, parents, friends) think is best for us.

Same is true for our life. 

Drawing an analogy with the gadgets we own we too have our choices to make when it comes to what we do, what we eat, where we work, who we live with, what we wear, how we speak, how we behave in public, what we think in private.. the customisable options that construct our life are endless and perhaps tiring. 

Therefore, it is an easy route for us to settle for the default. The default is what our society, our parents, our experts, our employers, teachers think what we should do and how we spend our life. The default. We are tied by it, engulfed by it, paralysed by it to believe what it wants us to believe.

If a person leaves a traditional career to pursue her dream in a creative field we call her a stupid until she proves us wrong. It is because of the veil of sham-reality in front of us we have a musician who became a dentist, a journalist who became a layer, an artist who became a banker, a poet who lives a life of a police officer. It won’t take much effort for you to discover people like these. Perhaps you are one, yourself. 

Are you living life by default? 


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