When we look at a baby, especially a smiling one, it would take quite an effort (if you are like most of us) not to smile back. Why is it so? What makes us feel that elation? Even more importantly what prohibits us to smile necessarily when we meet an adult? What is so special in babies that we adults do not have. The fact that we were babies at some point in time, makes me believe that many other people smiled when they looked at us during our infancy as well.

Perhaps, we don’t doubt a baby because of their vulnerability, because of their unscathed and unprotected innocence reflects in their soulful eyes we drop our inhibition and feel an instant connect!

What do we call a food item which is degraded in quality by intentional mixing of some other substance? The word is ‘Adulterated‘ which has a dictionary meaning as “rendered (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance”.

It dawns upon me that somewhere between our ‘infancy’ and ‘adulthood’ we render our ‘soul’ poorer in quality by adding some ‘other substances’ and become ‘adult-e-rated‘. We give away or submit (by training) our truthfulness and vulnerability for deceitfulness smartness and a false sense of being in control.


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