Our love for rules…

Since the beginning of our childhood, we are taught to be compliant, at school, at home, and at our workplace. Our society and schooling have always rewarded the ‘compliant’. It does not mean the ‘mis-fits’, the ‘creatives’ and the ‘non-compliant’ were ‘wrong’. It is just that most of us feel uncomfortable in a situation where there is no expected behaviour. 

Rules, expected behaviours, social mores, guidelines are what we look for when we are in a new, never explored territory. If we are invited for a party we ask whether it’s a formal one or a fancy dress. We do this to comply to a stereotype and know whether to suit up or be in hoodies.

But what if we are in a situation where we don’t know what to expect! Under such an environment our traditional education leaves us on our own without an answer.

The new frontier of technology, economy and business are full of such unknowns. Only by exploring these uncertain territories we would shape the future for us and our children. Explorers amongst us would risk it all and discover the ‘new rules’ that would govern the ‘new frontier’ of society.



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