5 Reasons Why We Love Secrets (And You Should, Too!)

Secrets are about the clefts between ‘hopes’ and ‘fears’, about the flip-flops between ‘acceptance and ‘alienation’, about the dichotomy of ‘being you’ and ‘fitting-in’. Love it or hate it, secrets are integral parts of life. Let’s rather take a positive outlook towards having secrets. Here are five reasons why we might love the idea of having one:

  1. We all have at least one! And some secrets are better kept as such. My secret, once revealed might hurt the sentiments of the people who love me. Therefore by keeping my secret I protect the vulnerable. By keeping yours you do me a favour since I am the one who’s vulnerable to your secrets. Secrets protects the vulnerable from suffering unnecessarily. Someone said “If you can read my mind, you would be in tears!
  2. Secrets are currency of intimacy, a person becomes closer to you when you share your secrets with him/her, thereby secrets help you build your intimate circle of friends. By revealing a secret about yourself you make yourself vulnerable to the other person. It conveys that you trust him/her enough hence likely to build a stronger bond.
  3. It protects you from your enemies or competition. At an individual level, somebody might misuse an information against you if you do not keep it as secret. At organisational level, a company would loose its competitive advantage. Imagine what would happen to the stock price of coke if its famous cola recipe is no longer a secret.
  4. Because we do care about ‘the-peaceful-world-order’. If all secrets are revealed, all Govt secret service agents would probably lose their jobs! Politicians and bureaucrats would not find a place to hide their faces, and there would be blame-games and in resulting chaos we might face a possible world war 3. No wonder apocalypse was described in the biblical ‘Book-of-Revelation‘!
  5. Last but not the least, we would love to protect marriages since marriages still contribute towards building the fabric of our society that we love to call as ‘our-families’.

Have one more reason to love secret? Hit like and do share your thoughts in comments below.



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