5 Contrarian Tips To Make A Better World!

Don’t love. It’s ok. One might live with not being loved. But don’t create an illusion of love because one may not be equipped to read your pretentious mind.

It is fine if you choose not to stand by someone in need, but please don’t give a false hope because that might be the only hope (s)he might have.

You don’t have to be nice to someone in case all you have for the person is hatred in your heart, you may always choose to avoid.

If you don’t care about an issue or person when no one is watching you, please don’t pretend in public just to grow your social capital.

And for God’s sake, don’t tarnish someone’s  self-respect even if you don’t agree with her/his views, because self-dignity could be the only thing left with her/him to get going.

We can always agree to disagree as long as our ways of disagreeing is agreeable. Not all arguments have to reach a consensus. Move on!



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