Be On The Fringe! Anticipate The Future!

Interesting things happen at the fringes!

Innovation appears on the horizon (or fringe) before they become mainstream. ‘Core’ is repetitive, monotonous, staple but consistent till an ‘idea-from-fringe’ replaces it and makes it irrelevant. Ideas (products, services, technology) usually start appearing at the fringe long before they become core. Then these ideas migrate from the fringe to the core through an adaptation cycle and become mainstream.

As a business owner, consider allocating time to map ‘fringes’ besides developing your ‘core’. This would mean you would be better equipped to anticipate a version of the future and figure out a way to stay relevant by enabling change in that direction.

As an individual,  your core strength might have been started as a hobby or a habit years before you start counting those as your strength. Your hobbies and habits today which lies at the fringe would decide your tomorrow.


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