5 Lessons I Have Learnt From Babies (And You should Too)!



Ever wondered why do babies cry when another baby nearby starts crying? It’s because babies have a deep sense of empathy. They sense the mood of people around them and mirror those feelings. Try smiling to a baby like another baby would do or try something silly in front of them, it is likely that (s)he would respond with a smile.

Empathy needs to be practiced. The more you become adult-like you tend to lose it. Practice empathy.


Babies are yet to acquire inhibitions and yet to learn how to build a social citadel around them. Hence they are accessible. You can reach to the soul of a baby very quickly if you want to. In one word they are vulnerable. This is perhaps one reason why babies are so beautiful.

Vulnerability beautifully augments a relationship that is based on trust. When our vulnerability is honoured we feel happiness. There is no guarantee that every time you drop your guard and become vulnerable you would experience happiness but if you don’t you would surely miss many opportunities. Practice vulnerability.


Somewhere between our childhood and adulthood we stop questioning things that come our way or pass our mind. It is not because we have learnt all the answers but because we don’t care for an answer any more.

As opposed to that, kids are inquisitive by default and never stop asking questions. They don’t care whether it is a silly or an intelligent one, we adults do. Be intrigued and ask ‘why’ often.

No judging!

Babies accept you as you are. They never judge you. However, the are quick to pick up vibes whether you truly adore them or probably faking it. They respond on facts and actual experiences.

We adults tend to judge others by their appearance, education, income, nationality, residence, sexual orientation, political views, and what not. Not judging is ‘being-in-the-moment’ and listening to what the other person is intending to tell you. Not judging is resisting temptations to jump to conclusion before we have a reason to do so. Practice not judging others.

Laugh and be happy for no reason!

When was the last time you laughed your heart out on something very trivial? As we grow up we get better at ‘laughing-at’ someone/something rather than ‘laughing-out-loud’ on sweet-nothings.

Kids would laugh all the time for no specific reason. It’s always fun time for them. And that’s why they are so energetic and happy to be around. Be amused on trivia and laugh your way to happiness.



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