Empty Your Cookie Jar!

If we compare our minds with a cookie jar, then our nuggets of thoughts are like cookies. It is essential to consume or reject the cookies in time and empty our jar (minds) from time to time making room for new cookies (thoughts)!

Our lives are so full with all kinds of activities that our mind is almost never empty. Some thoughts are always occupying us. While some thoughts may come and go, others just sit there without a sign of moving. These may be a strong memory, a negative or positive one, may be some hobby that you always wanted to pick up, doing charity or wanting to call an old friend but never finding the time. It might also be some feelings of guilt that comes from not taking action on a thought that you treasure.

Do yourself a favour today. Run through all the ‘cookies’ (thoughts) in your ‘jar'(mind) and chuck the ones you don’t intend to consume (i.e. you don’t intend to do anything about). Trust me this would de-clutter your mind hence make it more effective and efficient. You may also become happier with yourself.

Hoarding physical items in our houses or intangible thoughts in our minds have similar side effects: they both take up space without a purpose! You can change this, if you want to.



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