Hooked To A Screen!

Your most cherished memory is likely to happen off a screen. Hence it is prudent to limit your on-screen time. Believe me, you are NOT missing out on anything significant by putting away your cell phone while you are with your family, kid or significant others. You are not failing to catch up with the world by restraining frequent checking of your facebook or twitter updates while in a conversation.

Look at some interesting facts below.

7,520 Tweets sent in 1 second i.e. about 500 million a day.

768 Instagram photos uploaded in 1 second

1,212 Tumblr posts in 1 second

For more interesting data on the use of internet please check: http://www.internetlivestats.com/

At any given point in time billions of people are hooked on a screen. It means they are also off a conversation, off a physical activity, off the real world.

Can you possibly catch up with all the social feeds that we are bombarded with every second? The internet is an amazing world that helps us to be connected in a tribe. It has turned every individual a potential broadcaster, publisher or even a celebrity. This is empowerment. But it also means that we have to bear with millions of irrelevant trivia that float on the internet and demand our undeserving attention.

Our fear-of-missing-out is pushing us to be connected to the virtual world all the time. Ironically, this habit of being hooked-to-a-screen is actually making us miss out on more meaningful updates and relationships that matter.



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