If God Gives You A Choice Would You Choose The Life That You Are Living Now?

Would it be any better if it were different? Let’s assume that you were born in another country, to another parent, grew up in a different level of abundance, went to a different school (or didn’t), worked in a different company, ended up with a different partner, had different friends, chosen a different profession, earned a different income, had a different education, sex, religion, race or even a different colour of your skin!

Would that be of any help? Would that be any better? How eager would you be to say ‘yes’ to such a proposal, given a choice?

You might think there are too many uncertainties involved in that ‘yes’, and you are right. Known enemies are perhaps better than unknown friends.

If you think deeply and carefully enough, it might dawn upon you that the ‘current-version’ of your life is not so bad after all. You have made so far in life in spite of (and not because of) all the factors we discussed above (such as your background,  race, religion, education etc).

The current version of our life is a result of a sequences of choices, some we made ourselves, some were made by others on our behalf.

It follows that the future version of our life is likely to be the result of the choices we make today. The question is not whether we would have been doing better in a different life, rather it is about making a choice today that makes us one step closer to a ‘better-me-tomorrow’. Acknowledging our ‘present’ today is the first step towards making our next step towards a better tomorrow.

So, if God gives you a choice, would you choose the life that you are living now? I chose mine, what’s yours?




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