Why Is A Map Interesting?

An 1:1 map is equivalent to the real world. A world that we live in, walk and drive around. We cannot escape this ratio in real terms. Meaning that length of your one step is always going to be equal to your one step on the ground assuming you are not using any mechanical leverage. But whenever we need to take a larger perspective in terms of:

a) where are we going; and

b) how would we reach there

we pick up a map. A map with a scale of 1:n, where n >>1.

A map simulates a miniature world. A map is interesting because it elevates our perspective of space, hence helps us see a larger picture.  Because being able to see a larger picture helps in becoming aware of our surrounding hence in deciding where to go next and thereby in navigating the path to where we are going, a map is useful.

In business, we have a similar task at hand. The above two questions (a, b) are nothing but the organisation’s vision and mission It answers these two very important questions, namely, where is the organisation headed and how is it going to reach there? In essence, it answers why does the organisation exist in the first place. Additionally, the route should also have defined intermediate milestones to measure how close we are to our destination, and few decision criteria aligned to the organisation’s core values on whether we need to consider an alternative route (i.e. pivot).

In the business context, a map with a clearly marked starting point, a destination and one of the alternative routes with intermediate milestones highlighted as the selected one is the equivalent of an outcome of a strategic planning exercise.

In the context of life, a similar ‘mapping‘ is going to give us a ‘sense of purpose‘ (why we exist?) and a ‘route‘ (where we are headed?, how we would reach there?) to follow. It is also important to note that we might have to pivot to a different route during our journey. Therefore, defining few criteria for deciding when to pivot (aligned to our core values) would be useful in saving time, effort and dodging decision-fatigue that comes with a journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Consider creating a map for your life to have a more satisfying and enjoyable journey!



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