Finding ‘Convergence’ In ‘Chaos’!

Physicists say that the total degree of disorder (entropy) always increases in a system. This means that the world is becoming more chaotic than it was before. Now, the question is whether chaos is a good thing to have? Does it serve any purpose? We usually tend to avoid chaos in our lives. We love predictability in stock prices, in pay hikes, in mortgage payments, in politics, literally everywhere. But chaos happens nonetheless. Chaos happens not because of but in spite of us.

Innovators would tell you that sometimes chaos is not unavoidable but even necessary. Any dynamic, natural system that is highly sensitive to its initial conditions appear to be chaotic, random on the surface. Even before the beginning of this universe, there was chaos and then there was light.

Look at the featured painting along with this post. It is a 1952 painting by Jackson Pollock who is known for this style of drip painting. The painting appears to have less of order, chaotic in other words. Interestingly it’s titled ‘Convergence’. You might wonder, how can there be a ‘convergence’ in ‘chaos’!

Mathematicians might refer you to “Chaos Theory” in order to explain the above ‘contradiction’ or ‘confusion’. In that they figure out ‘order’ in seemingly ‘chaotic’ or rather dynamic systems by uncovering different layers of ‘uncertainty’ through a series of mathematical modelling. Finally the ‘chaos’ is mapped and hence predicted through a set of equations, and perhaps, God smiles!

To an entrepreneur the message is as follows: Chaos has a purpose. It disrupts the status quo, tosses away the ‘assumptions’ out of the window, and puts the value proposition upside down until someone figures out the underlying equations and nails success that seems so obvious at the hind sight. So, if you are an entrepreneur in the processes of figuring out the illusive ‘value’ in ‘chaos’, move fast, fail faster then repeat. If you are persistent enough, along with God, you too would smile in the end! /



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