Around The Corner!

Around the corner interesting things happen. You could meet an old friend, an unassuming stranger, an opportunity that you were waiting for, or a threat you never thought existed. It might as well be as dull as it could get.

Call it luck, careful planning, or even an accident what happens around the corner changes the road ahead either for better or for worse.

The fact that we don’t know (most of the time) what is waiting round the corner makes the corners even more interesting confluence of interest. Imagine if we had known exactly what is there round the corner, the world would have been a boring place to explore.

Technology such as a google map enables us see what is round a sharp turn in the physical world and certainly that helps. But we are yet to invent a technology that enables us to see what is coming in the next moment.

All we can do is to look up to the next moment with hope, prepare for it with perspiration, and face it with resilience. /


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