Passion Is Overrated!

Passion is overrated because it clouds your reasoning and rational mind. You keep on harping on a dead horse and expect it to gallop. When eventually you realize this fact it is probably too late.

Entrepreneurial success mandates Dispassionate Leadership. It is similar to the approach experienced doctors take to treat a patient who is hovering on the line of life and death. Being emotionally attached to the patient and allowing that thought to enter the minds while performing a surgery is less likely to work in the best interest of the patient.

Dispassionate Leadership is about keeping your feet on the ground and your head held high. It is about being responsive to changing trends in the environment. It is about being objective, self-assessing and having a focus on results.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, it means to acquire a mindset to acknowledge failure when it is glaring at your face. Being emotionally attached to your idea, business model, or the customer doesn’t really help. If you have to fail, fail faster, fail better, then repeat until you hit the right spot.

In times of difficulties, when you are surrounded by facts that are not encouraging (could be poor sales number, higher customer acquisition cost, negative margin, pending bills, dwindling relationships, health etc) passion might evaporate. But if you can dispassionately and objectively find reasons to stand by your ‘why’ (i.e. the very basic reason you are uniquely qualified to solve this problem), you would be able to draw energy and resources to carry on.


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