The Power Of ‘Yet’!

Have you found a job that you love? Have you saved enough for that trip to ibiza? Have you acquired enough customers? Is your blog famous? Have you lost those extra weights around your waist that you are promising yourself in the mirror every morning before you take a shower?

If you have an affirmative answer to questions such as mentioned above, you may answer as you wish. However, if your answers are not affirmative, you may chose to respond in the following ways:

Hmm.. No!’.

This response reminds you that you missed your goals? And Missing your goals might give you a feeling of inadequacy, sadness or even depression.

Behold my friends! You have another choice. What if you respond with the following words:

‘Hmm.. Not yet!’

This response tells us that sure you did miss few goals, but it also signals that you have a plan to catch up.  Having an actionable plan for future against the goals you missed might give you a feeling of empowerment, control, and even might give you the motivation to act on your plan.

Let me end with a tiny story:

A caterpillar was crawling on a leafy tree.

A bee flying by paused to tease the caterpillar: “Hay woolly bear, you can’t fly!”

Caterpillar looked up and said: “Yes my friend, not yet!”

Recommended reading: ‘Mindset’ by Carlol Dwiek


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