“How Do I Start My Own Business?”, You Ask!

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Choose an interesting problem to solve. Strip down your product or service offerings to the minimum core. Take your eyes off those screens. Leave your couch. Get out of the building. Acquire your first customer. Fail. Look stupid. Ask relevant questions. Listen up. Go back to drawing board. Figure out why? Why not? Build again. Sell. Fail. Pick yourself up. Repeat.

That’s how you start a business. Don’t wait for the right moment, the right idea, the right team, the right funding, the right market. DO. Have an insane bias for action. Fail. Listen. Pivot. DO it again. Don’t bother what people think of you. Most of them most probably don’t think of you anyways.

Starting up is not fancy. It’s hard work. It’s harder than you think you can endure. Buckle up. Get ready for the most intense and interesting part of your life. It will alter you to the core. Your world view would change. You would get to know the limits of your being. Toughen up. Test your willpower. Your tomorrow would thank you for your today. Ahoy, Matey! Welcome aboard!



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