Stabbed A Hundred Times!

It’s ok if you get angry, and frustrated at your thankless life at times. You are living in a world where your efforts to make the ends meet are not only grossly overlooked but also continuously taunted, teased, belittled, and you might rightly feel you are not far from hell. This is especially true if you have chosen this life as a necessary sacrifice to what you once believed to be your dream, now that dream, my friend, seems to have a lot of nightmares as preludes.

If I may take a comparable physical situation this might be equivalent to be dragged to dust and stabbed a hundred times a day not only by people who are strangers but also by those who you are fighting this for. What are you supposed to do in such a condition? Oh, well, you are supposed to be calm and quite and not lose your mind and all the blah blah blah shit they teach you in the psychology department. But what about the anger and helplessness you suffer out of the humiliation! What are you supposed to do with it? It’s real. Biting. Relentless. And the default state is that you suffer in silence. Each time. Every time. Without fail.

If you are looking for an escape route, at this stage, I don’t blame you. But pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Zoom out in space and in time. Now see. Does it still matter?

Let’s get real. If you choose entrepreneurship, get ready to be stabbed a hundred times!

Watch out #EntrepreneurshipMyths: A series of posts where we bust those myths.


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