Stop Planning For Future And Start Planning A Future!

When you embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, you stop planning for future and rather start planning a future. A future that you believe you can make a reality. That’s a super deterministic outlook. It means that you would craft the version of future in the domain of your selected niche whatever that might be (food, fashion, DIY etc). It means that your heart, smart, luck and gut gives you a compelling reason to believe that you have the hack to that future. If this cognition makes you unsure and nervous, my friend, stop right here and look for a job.

If you are still reading, let me give you few more foods for thought. Planning a future requires you to break away from the ‘matrix’ and take a plunge down the rabbit hole in Alice’s wonderland. It’s about choosing the ‘red pill’ over the ‘blue’ one (Remember Morpheus handing over the pills to Neo in the movie). When you become an entrepreneur you choose to build a version of future you believe in.

On the contrary, planning for future necessarily means you accept that you don’t control future. This mindset urges you save for a rainy day. Planning a future encourages you to control the controllable, and progressively build on deterministic series of events. The logic is effectual and not causal.


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