You Are Not Late!

400 million entrepreneurs are there across the world.

40 years is the average age. 70% were married when they started.

51.9% were 1st in their family to launch a business.

75.4% of entrepreneurs have worked for more than 6 years for other companies before they started their own.

95.1% have a bachelor’s degree.

Less than 1% come from extremely rich or poor background.

Less than 1% of startups are funded with venture capital money. (data from

What say, my friend? If you are sitting on the fence, thinking you are too old, too tenured, too late to own a business, think again. The perception of entrepreneurship belonging only to the college dropouts or the millennials is a media phenomenon. Don’t buy into it. Entrepreneurship is hard. But the upside of entrepreneurship is autonomy, financial freedom, and a much more meaningful life well lived.

If you need inspiration check this infographic below (thanks to Key Retirement).


Here’s an excellent visualization on the timeline on entrepreneurial success made by Funders and Founders. I invite you to check it out yourself here. I am sharing the screenshot for 40-44 years age bracket below.

to late to start - 40.png

Look at the chart above. From Henry Ford to Christian Dior, from Jerry Baldwin (Starbucks) to Sam Walton (Walmart) we have so many iconic stories to get inspiration from. At 40+ it is not late to start. It is about making the rest of your life more meaningful by solving an interesting problem that touches a lot of people. It is about leaving a legacy in making a better world besides earning a fortune and fame. So, bring out your ideas from the ‘closet’, take the plunge and make history.

“You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis


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  1. Inspiring Study, I started my venture at the age of 35. Family Husband Wife and Two Kids, I was the only earning member, but now we both husband wife is earning. Art Ellipse team has 3 members full time and more than 10 artists working regularly on the contractual basis. Keep on learning new things… daily a new challenge. we will be soon a team of 100 people.


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