The Joy Of Watching Your Child Play!

Isn’t it amazing that we can leave behind a piece of our own making? Isn’t it so lovely to watch your child bloom in front of your eyes? What more could be more satisfying than that when you hear those tender sounds of your child? I guess nothing in this world has anything parallel to offer than what you can perceive through your mind when you watch your child play!

I am so thankful that I have been blessed with this experience. And I feel so deeply empathetic in my heart for the ones who are not so blessed in this regard.

Some people are generous enough to feel this way for every child on this lovely planet. They don’t need a genetic helix to bind their love with humanity. They are beyond these trivia.

If I have to leave one lesson to my kid I would probably ask her to embrace this mindset. The world would become so much better. Don’t you agree?



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