Our Need For Connection!

Imagine you are in a mall that has not attracted enough footfall, where there are no humans around. Shops are well-lit, full of merchandise, spectacularly decorated but no humans. If you happened to have visited such a place, you know how you feel already. Ghostly. Eerie! Probably you would feel like leaving that place immediately.

Ever wonder why is it so? Why that we, humans, love to gather around even with strangers?

We have been gathering around a fire for thousands of years to share and tell stories, trivia or just a banter. This has been the case with us, humans irrespective of our dissimilarities in cultures, locations, tradition, language or religion.

The need for connection is in our genes. Our longings for connection is hardwired into our existence. That’s why we build clusters of residences, commercial places, public places, parks, movie theatres, pubs, eateries, and cafes. For the same reason, we have made facebook, snapchat, twitter, linkedin, whatsapps of the world. The playing ground is different but the need is same. Connections.

However, you might have noticed that whereas our skills in technology are growing from strength to strength connections to another human being are becoming weaker and weaker. While population density is growing more than ever, meaningful human connections are becoming few and far between. Why is it so, you may ask?

Because meaningful and real human connections are built on trust. Trust requires you to be vulnerable in front of another human being. But we are scared to be vulnerable. Hence we put on our guards and stop being ourselves. Vulnerability dies in a trust deficit environment and the potential to make a meaningful human connection is lost.

What can you do about it? Start caring less about that sense of inadequacy, of being left out, of rejection, of guilt and start caring more about being you. By doing this you may not win fame, fortune or love many a time but you will not leave a regret deep down for not being the real you.


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