Reinvent Yourself!

You are a bundle of eternal and unlimited potential. We are defined by our worldview and the worldview of the people who were here before us. But let’s not limit ourselves neither to what has been their experience nor to what has been our experience so far.

Imagine your future-self. Think of how you want him/her to be. Have a periodic conversation with your future self. Your present-self should take her guidance and act ‘now’ to make it happen ‘then’.

Your future-self is a series of choices away from your present-self. Choices that you must make now. Let the thoughts of uncertainty not paralyze you from taking action on things you DO control. Instead, feel empowered by the freedom of making choices at this very moment. You are in charge of THIS moment of your life.

When you feel powerless in a situation and you tend to give in to a pressure, remember, here also you are making a choice YOURSELF. You are making a choice that a fight is not worth it, or is it? You are choosing to conform because you are not ready to bear with the downside of non-compliance. Should you, or should you not?

The story says that the phoenix must burn in order to emerge from its own ashes. To me, it simply means that you need to push through the edges of your existence, your identity, your experience and re-define yourselves by accessing the unaccessed, unexplored and unattained frontiers of your capabilities to re-launch a new you. Ever thought of the cost of not doing so?


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