Stop Planning For Future And Start Planning A Future!

When you embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, you stop planning for future and rather start planning a future. A future that you believe you can make a reality. That's a super deterministic outlook. It means that you would craft the version of future in the domain of your selected niche whatever that might be (food, fashion, DIY... Continue Reading →


Expect To Matter!

The very reason we exist is to stay relevant and useful to the world at large. As an entrepreneur, you have taken this statement too seriously. You have assumed the responsibility upon yourself by means of self-selection and not by delegation. You want to solve a particular problem that is bugging a set of people in... Continue Reading →

Stabbed A Hundred Times!

It's ok if you get angry, and frustrated at your thankless life at times. You are living in a world where your efforts to make the ends meet are not only grossly overlooked but also continuously taunted, teased, belittled, and you might rightly feel you are not far from hell. This is especially true if you... Continue Reading →

“How Do I Start My Own Business?”, You Ask!

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Choose an interesting problem to solve. Strip down your product or service offerings to the minimum core. Take your eyes off those screens. Leave your couch. Get out of the building. Acquire your first customer. Fail. Look stupid. Ask relevant questions. Listen up. Go back... Continue Reading →

The Power Of ‘Yet’!

Have you found a job that you love? Have you saved enough for that trip to ibiza? Have you acquired enough customers? Is your blog famous? Have you lost those extra weights around your waist that you are promising yourself in the mirror every morning before you take a shower? If you have an affirmative... Continue Reading →

The Economics Of ‘Attention’!

The demand for your attention is unending. So is the case because the supply of things that desire your attention is unending as well. However, the inventory of attention is limited at any given point in time. If we lock 10 people in a room for 10 hours then we have 100 man-hours or 36,000... Continue Reading →

Pick Yourself Up!

This is one job that we cannot outsource. Because the only person who truly knows about you is you, yourself. So, stop waiting for someone to offer a hand when you have fallen (and yes, we all do) and pick yourself up! If you are not struggling in a few areas (such as learning a new... Continue Reading →

Solve It Again!

What do you do when you find a solution to a problem that was bugging you? Probably you feel relaxed, relieved and even rejoice your success. Pause and think again!  Is this the best you could do?  Is the solution the most optimal one? Let's consider a 3X3 Rubik's cube. It has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different configurations. That's... Continue Reading →

Passion Is Overrated!

Passion is overrated because it clouds your reasoning and rational mind. You keep on harping on a dead horse and expect it to gallop. When eventually you realize this fact it is probably too late. Entrepreneurial success mandates Dispassionate Leadership. It is similar to the approach experienced doctors take to treat a patient who is hovering on the... Continue Reading →

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