Solve It Again!

What do you do when you find a solution to a problem that was bugging you? Probably you feel relaxed, relieved and even rejoice your success. Pause and think again!  Is this the best you could do?  Is the solution the most optimal one? Let's consider a 3X3 Rubik's cube. It has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different configurations. That's... Continue Reading →

Passion Is Overrated!

Passion is overrated because it clouds your reasoning and rational mind. You keep on harping on a dead horse and expect it to gallop. When eventually you realize this fact it is probably too late. Entrepreneurial success mandates Dispassionate Leadership. It is similar to the approach experienced doctors take to treat a patient who is hovering on the... Continue Reading →

Doing It For The Right Reason!

Often we find ourselves in an act that we don't know why we are doing. One reason might be because other people are doing it, for example, when in a fancy restaurant you might tag and share it on facebook because you have found your friends doing it, you buy a stock because your boss... Continue Reading →

Around The Corner!

Around the corner interesting things happen. You could meet an old friend, an unassuming stranger, an opportunity that you were waiting for, or a threat you never thought existed. It might as well be as dull as it could get. Call it luck, careful planning, or even an accident what happens around the corner changes... Continue Reading →

Finding ‘Convergence’ In ‘Chaos’!

Physicists say that the total degree of disorder (entropy) always increases in a system. This means that the world is becoming more chaotic than it was before. Now, the question is whether chaos is a good thing to have? Does it serve any purpose? We usually tend to avoid chaos in our lives. We love predictability... Continue Reading →

Why Is A Map Interesting?

An 1:1 map is equivalent to the real world. A world that we live in, walk and drive around. We cannot escape this ratio in real terms. Meaning that length of your one step is always going to be equal to your one step on the ground assuming you are not using any mechanical leverage.... Continue Reading →

If God Gives You A Choice Would You Choose The Life That You Are Living Now?

Would it be any better if it were different? Let's assume that you were born in another country, to another parent, grew up in a different level of abundance, went to a different school (or didn't), worked in a different company, ended up with a different partner, had different friends, chosen a different profession, earned... Continue Reading →

Are You Living A Linear Life!

We are taught by our parents, schools and society to expect a linear life. A life with no surprises, no unexpected twists and turns. A linear life is an 'insane-race' for becoming 'one-of-many' by following some insanely monotonous steps such as going to school, competing college, getting a job, buying a car, getting married, having... Continue Reading →

4 Ways Of Saying ‘No!’ And What Those Would Reveal About You!

'Yes' is probably the sweetest word in the dictionary. Everyone from marketeers, family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances want to hear a yes to their request, demand or submission. However, you cannot say 'yes' to every opportunity or request. Learning to say 'No' is a life-skill we all have to master. And interestingly the way we... Continue Reading →

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