If God Gives You A Choice Would You Choose The Life That You Are Living Now?

Would it be any better if it were different? Let's assume that you were born in another country, to another parent, grew up in a different level of abundance, went to a different school (or didn't), worked in a different company, ended up with a different partner, had different friends, chosen a different profession, earned... Continue Reading →

Are You Living A Linear Life!

We are taught by our parents, schools and society to expect a linear life. A life with no surprises, no unexpected twists and turns. A linear life is an 'insane-race' for becoming 'one-of-many' by following some insanely monotonous steps such as going to school, competing college, getting a job, buying a car, getting married, having... Continue Reading →

4 Ways Of Saying ‘No!’ And What Those Would Reveal About You!

'Yes' is probably the sweetest word in the dictionary. Everyone from marketeers, family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances want to hear a yes to their request, demand or submission. However, you cannot say 'yes' to every opportunity or request. Learning to say 'No' is a life-skill we all have to master. And interestingly the way we... Continue Reading →

When Opportunity Is Slipping Away…

And everyone else seems to have a better time than you do... And you hear the sound of the door closing... And the air around you becomes thick with desperation... What you think of doing, what you do and how you regain poise shows who you are. Being resilient does not require you to be... Continue Reading →

Hooked To A Screen!

Your most cherished memory is likely to happen off a screen. Hence it is prudent to limit your on-screen time. Believe me, you are NOT missing out on anything significant by putting away your cell phone while you are with your family, kid or significant others. You are not failing to catch up with the world... Continue Reading →

Empty Your Cookie Jar!

If we compare our minds with a cookie jar, then our nuggets of thoughts are like cookies. It is essential to consume or reject the cookies in time and empty our jar (minds) from time to time making room for new cookies (thoughts)! Our lives are so full with all kinds of activities that our... Continue Reading →

5 Lessons I Have Learnt From Babies (And You should Too)!

  Empathy! Ever wondered why do babies cry when another baby nearby starts crying? It's because babies have a deep sense of empathy. They sense the mood of people around them and mirror those feelings. Try smiling to a baby like another baby would do or try something silly in front of them, it is... Continue Reading →

Be On The Fringe! Anticipate The Future!

Interesting things happen at the fringes! Innovation appears on the horizon (or fringe) before they become mainstream. 'Core' is repetitive, monotonous, staple but consistent till an 'idea-from-fringe' replaces it and makes it irrelevant. Ideas (products, services, technology) usually start appearing at the fringe long before they become core. Then these ideas migrate from the fringe to the... Continue Reading →

5 Contrarian Tips To Make A Better World!

Don't love. It's ok. One might live with not being loved. But don't create an illusion of love because one may not be equipped to read your pretentious mind. It is fine if you choose not to stand by someone in need, but please don't give a false hope because that might be the only... Continue Reading →

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